Creating a piece of music is a process that doesn’t really ever stop… until you die.  And sometimes, not even then. There are milestones along the way: satisfaction with an arrangement; a recording; a major performance. But, every time a piece of music is performed it is entirely different than all of the previous times. Even if you sing the same lyrics or play the same notes… it is different: sometimes better; sometimes worse. There is always something that changes it.

Maybe it’s the weather changing an acoustic instrument, or it’s a different guitar, or you’re really mad so your playing really hard, or you don’t have your usual bass player, or you break the reed to your sax half way through and have to squawk your way to the end. Each of these things, and a million others, will change the very nature of a piece of music forcing it to evolve, even if only a little. Music lives and breathes and, like a 7 year old child, never sits still.

For this reason I have chosen to publish the different incarnations of pieces of music I am working on. As I move forward and evolve a piece of music during the writing, arranging, and performing stages, I will post them here as a chronology for my own edification as well as anyone else who might be interested in experiencing this process.