Print, Graphic, & A/V Services

Sarasota Graphic DesignAustin / Welch Technology offers a full range of graphic design services for print or digital materials. We also offer simple and cost effective audio and video production services. Our graphic and A/V services offer quality at an affordable rate.

If you are looking for graphic, marketing, print, or A/V services not listed here, please give Christopher a call. He’ll be happy discuss your vision and the different ways to manifest it.

Print & Graphic Design

  • Logos.
    • Custom Logo Design
    • Logo Recreation
    • Logo Modifications
    • Resizing & Re-coloring
  • Print Marketing.
    • Business Cards
    • Brochures
    • Postcards
    • Labels & Stickers
    • Rack Cards & More
  • Banners & Signs.
    • Yard Signs
    • Hanging Banners
    • Standing Banners
    • Flags
    • Posters & More
  • Print & Web Advertising.
    • Print & Online Ads
    • Sales
    • New Products
    • Special Offers
    • Coupons

Audio / Video / Photo

  • Product Photography.
    • Product Web Photos
    • Consistent Look
    • DIY Cell Phone Photos
    • Watermarks
    • Tutorials
  • Web Videos.
    • New Products
    • Service Descriptions
    • Informational Videos
    • Product High Lights
    • Real Estate Videos
  • Video Logging.
    • Record & Edit
    • DIY Vlog Systems
    • Topic Developent
    • Copy Development
  • PodCast Production.
    • Record & Edit
    • DIY Podcast Systems
    • Topic Development
    • Copy Writing
  • Custom Web Music.
    • Background Music
    • Podcast Commercials
    • Video Music
    • Jingles
  • Performance Videos.
    • Music Concerts
    • Plays
    • Dance Performaces
    • Symposiums
    • Meetings

Audio/Video/Photo Project Ideas

Easy Podcast Idea: Record yourself reading your weekly or monthly blog posts then post those recordings as a podcast.

Simple Product Videos: Write down usage instructions for your products then create short and simple videos demonstrating them.  You can illustrate things like usage, storage, cleaning, repair, etc.

Quality Product Photos: Set up a small photograph lightbox station. Then periodically take professional looking photos of your products. Your own high quality, custom product photos will set you apart in the following ways. First of all, you will have unique photos. Also, a watermark on them will further your brand. Finally, consistent photo environments tells your customers you pay attention to details.

We can show you how to do it on a budget. View Example Product Photos Here. Or, view the whole set at the website

Product Info Rack Cards: Rack cards are an affordable, high impact print material. They can be used educate customers, provide lists of products, give contact information, and more.